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Zombieworld – The End is Near (HERE!) – Trailer and Clips


Only a few days left now until Zombieworld is officially released and we at Disgusting.co cannot wait!
Zombieworld is a film anthology featuring blood, guts, and mayhem and each story is brought to life by a group of exciting new directors from across the globe.

ZOMBIEWORLD is a horror anthology focusing on survivors across the world as they struggle to overcome horrifying circumstances when a pandemic brings about a zombie apocalypse. The collection of blood, guts, and mayhem is brought to life by a group of new and up-and-coming directors from around the world. Each director brings his or her take to a world now populated with flesh-eating corpses. Among the brilliant shorts that are featured is Peter Horn and Jared Marshall’s Dark Times, a blood-splattered scamper through the woods shot entirely in POV where zombies, aliens, and even Santa Claus make an appearance. – zombieworldmovie.com
Check out the trailer below as well as a few clips to wet your appetite!  Zombieworld is released on 24 February 2015! 

Let us know what you think of it people!

Official Zombieworld Trailer

Zombieworld Clip – New Breed!

Zombieworld Clip – How to Kill a Zombie!

Zombieworld Clip – No Fun!

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