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Zombieworld review by Geoff of Disgusting

ZOMBIEWORLD HEADERI’ve had bigger budgets on a night out than this film had but I don’t think I’ve had as much fun watching or I’m sure some of the film makers had making this film. This is B movie at its best!! If your after brilliant acting and top class effects I strongly suggest going elsewhere but if your not so fussy (like me) this is the place for you.

It’s basically an anthology of small films held together with news reports from Marvin Gloatt on the zombie outbreak from around the world and erm from the past, a large majority of this film is more funny than it is scary but some parts try the more serious angle which I found little less entertaining and the not so brilliant acting kind of makes it harder to enjoy  in those parts.

In places it has a feel of the old Troma film’s with it’s slapstick silly humour but I kind of like that, oh and be prepared for reading subtitles in parts of the film as not every part is in english. I liked this film and I’m pretty sure a lot of you will too, especially lovers of cheap gore effects (think early Peter Jackson, Bad Taste). Don’t worry yourself about plot or character development with this one because there really isn’t any.

zombieworld-poster-2My advice for what it’s worth, have yourself a few shandy’s (only a few mind you, responsible drinking kid’s!) watch yourself a good scary horror and stick this on after for some mindless light relief from the terrors of the previous watch and your on to a winner.

If you’ve come across another film where Jesus and Judas fight side by side against a horde of  zombie Roman soldier’s and cowboy’s (all Jesus’ fault by the way) with ever multiplying fish as their only weapon’s, including the skeleton of a swordfish used as a chainsaw like weapon, please point me in the direction of it because I could seriously have watch a full couple of hours of that alone.

If this sounds like your type of thing you won’t be disappointed, but if it’s the type of thing you try to avoid go with your ripped out gut feeling and stick to your real scary horror and we’ll all be happy.

I’m giving this 8 chopped off limb’s out of 10 just because I can.

Remember Jesus zombie film’s, if you’ve seen em let me know!

Zombieworld – Trailer by Dread Central

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