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Wyrmwood – Road Of The Dead – Review & Trailer

I need to start this review with a confession, I’m a bit confused as to weather this film ( Wyrmwood – Road of the Dead ) was meant to be as funny as i found it in places. Don’t get me wrong I loved it either way but you know when your not sure if this was intentional as on the whole it was a straight up zombie film. I love B movies old and new and find they usually are so over the top that you can’t help but love em, horror comedies I find a bit harder to like as usually they try too hard for laughs, I can count on one hand the ones i truly love which include Shaun of the dead and Tucker and Dale v’s evil, all that out of the way i should get on to the film!

wyrmwood posterThe problem I find with a lot of film studio’s these days is they seem to think if they throw money at something it will make it great and that’s not how it work’s, and this film shows you don’t need a massive budget to make a good film! There’s a lot in this film you might have seen in others, I’m not sure if we call it paying homage or copying any more but the fact is some of the scene’s if you know your horror will seem familiar and obviously the tale of a zombie apocalypse isn’t exactly a new idea.

But before you write this off as a bad film let me get to exactly what makes this stand out from a lot of others. Firstly you have excellent performances from the two lead role’s, Barry (Jay Gallagher) is our unfortunate hero in this, who after the initial shock of finding the world as we know it taken over by the undead heads off to rescue his sister Brooke (Bianca Bradley) after a call in the night, these i recon are two names will pop up again in the near future as they both put in sterling performances, the supporting cast are excellent too, mainly Benny (Leon Birchill) who seems to be the humour element of the film and does a pretty good job of it too without trying too hard.

Usually I would really only talk about the plot of a film because that’s what I’m reviewing but I don’t think it’s what makes this film different, for me it’s how this film looks and feels, some scene’s are shot so well it just make’s bigger budget films look like pretenders of horror, so far we have good acting, fairly good plot line and a very well shot film and the only thing I’ve missed out is the gore and this film hit’s the mark spot on with it, in places its like a head popping festival on the end of every shotgun shell with buckets of blood and a hand full of gut’s every time the braindead’s show up! I would bet $1.75 that a sequel of some sort is made of this film in the future and at least Bianca Bradley is whisked away for bigger roles.

Watch this film! I’m not asking you I’m telling you, so don’t have me start up the chainsaw and come round to your house to make you or it will be tears all round!!

I’m going to give this film a solid 8.5 crushed souls out of 10

Enjoy the film it has a very handy solution to all our energy needs!

You can get your hands on Wyrmwood now at
Amazon Instant HD: http://goo.gl/ZVnhX4
US iTunes here: http://tinyurl.com/l98azd7
JB Hi-Fi pre-order here: http://tinyurl.com/l3dznkk (Blu Ray available 02/04/15)

Image Sourced at the Official Wyrmwood Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/wyrmwoodmovie

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Wyrmwood – Road of the Dead Trailer

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