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The Toy Makers Magnum Opus – For Hellraiser Fans

The Toy Maker's Magnum Opus - Act 1This weeks find on the web comes in the form of Kickstarter Project for  the release of a book (well, soon to be a trilogy of books) from “The Followers of the Pandorics” entitled The Toy Makers Magnum Opus.

This is a beautiful handmade book of Pandoric puzzle designs. Illuminated artwork, parchment & vellum overlays.

Trilogy of Toymakers Opus Books

Hellraiser BoxWhat is a Pandoric Puzzle you may ask, well put simply its a beautifully crafted puzzle that when solved opens a gateway… Sometimes to Heaven, Sometimes to Hell and just sometimes places even worse!

Possibly the most famous Pandoric is the René LeMarchand Puzzle Box from Clive Barkers “Hellraiser” franchise.

From the Project Outline –

There are 18 Pandorics in this Act:

  • The Jeremiad Enigma
  • The Mason’s Keystone
  • The Elysian Tetra Morph
  • The Pandemonium Arrangement
  • The Maleficus Consecutia
  • Euophoria’s Pathway
  • The Sanguine Apotheosis
  • The Orpheus Contract
  • The Promethus Trap
  • Permutations of the Labyrinth
  • Ezekiel’s Vision
  • The Killer Instinct
  • The Hateful Sequence
  • The Necromancer’s Avatar
  • The Awakening Virgin
  • Lemur’s Agonizing Touch
  • The Perplexed Scholar
  • Prayer’s of Gehenna

Each Pandoric is laid out with:

  • A title page that has a stylized tab inscribed with a glyph
  • A double art page showing one of the panels in solved and unsolved states
  • Vellum overlays for those pages with schematic diagrams
  • A double art page showing all six panels of the Pandoric
  • Vellum overlays for these with details of each panel
  • And at the end of each Pandoric is the  “Guardian” who answers the summons to the solved equation

Hellraiser - DVD CoverBeing a Hellraier fan myself i have decided to get myself a copy of the Foiled version (currently listed at $150 pledge), there is a black and white copy available for less if your budget is limited! 

Act 1 and 2 are apparently already created and shipping is set to commence in April…. ROLL ON APRIL… i simply cannot wait to get my hands on this stunning looking collectors item!

Head over to the Kickstarter project page before March the 29th to make your pledge

Also you can check the Followers of Pandorics on their Website, Facebook Page or Twiter

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