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The Labyrinth interviews – Mark B Director at the labyrinth

The Labyrinth

How did you become keeper of the Labyrinth?
I saw that the majority of the existing Hellraiser sites were quite amateur looking, mostly made on the old Angelfire and Geocities servers and were very outdated. I absolutely love the Hellraiser world and thought I would start off a website in my spare time that would be pleasurable for likeminded fans to visit.

Why Hellraiser and not one of the other top icon movie franchises?
It’s my favourite and something I haven’t ever became bored of, and the way the fans have kept it alive through their own contributions and imaginations is some special in my opinion.

What sets the Labyrinth apart from the other official/unofficial sites?
It’s made by fans for fans; I know a lot of people also see it as a kind of renegade website which actually suits me well. I also put a lot of effort into the visual aspect of the website as I believe the internet as a medium is perhaps 80% visual. We all like pictures right? Another way it is set apart, particularly from the official sites is that to this day we haven’t heard any opinion or message from the creators to whose work we make this tribute! But as always the invitation for input etc is always there!

What other influences film or otherwise do you have?
I like quite a bit of science fiction, I am a big nerd really, the war of the worlds, The Lord of the rings, Star Wars, I enjoy mostly horror films but an equally at home enjoying science fiction as well.

You just moved into a new home.. Is there a configuration room hidden?
Do you have special HR props or momentos? Wouldn’t you like to know I collect a lot of mementos and yes there are quite a few ‘boxes’ around the house, mainly from the pyramid gallery, Norfok and Kevin Knotts boxes. The Headhunter store from Finland also sold me some wonderful hand painted Cenobite statues which are displayed amongst the other things such as lightsabres, kill bill swords, comic books…. I am lucky enough to have a room with all this stuff in where my computers and music recording equipment is so that I can retreat and leave the world outside at times.

You are working on the HRO site. What do you think of the new mythos stories since Clive Barker gave everyone free reign? What will sway the vote of the Hardcore HR fans…? What can the new ones look forward too?
I think it’s the same as it’s always been and probably always will be. Spectacular stories and imaginative additions sitting amongst the most horrendous of failures. The most recent of the spectacular would be Hellraiser origins in my opinion, I think it could be a much needed boost to the Hellraiser universe, and the artwork of Paul Gerrard seems to be made for it. The scope of the storylines is beyond anything previously made so I am crossing all of my fingers and toes that it gets noticed by the right people. Also projects like the hellbound hearts anthology do wonders for the universe and myself and max Lichtor of the pyramid gallery had the privilege earlier this year of working on a pyramid gallery box with Paul Kane which was named the scribe configuration. That will be available to the public very soon from pyramid gallery who by the way have done more for the promotion of the extended mythologies than anyone else over the past 12 years and I take my hat off to my friend max for his passion and persistence! As for swaying the fans towards things like origins and other extended mythologies, all I can say is let the stories, art and so forth speak for itself and leave your pretensions behind, give everything a chance, and form your own opinions!

We have several friends at the Labyrinth.. How about a shout out and what new things do they have in store for the fans?
The pyramid gallery, Headhunter store, Hellraiserbox.net, to name a few. Many people have been extremely helpful, especially at times when I have been disillusioned and frustrated at the way things sometimes go, People like Anna Lovatt, whose advice is worth it’s weight in puzzle boxes, Nicholas Vince, Paul Gerrard, and countless others! The support of the CliveBarkerCast podcast guys has been greatly appreciated also! The main people behind the labyrinth is the visitors and social media guys, long time fans like Paul Flewitt, Kip, Rene lockard, Shawn French and too many more to mention, the support is very humbling.

Who makes the best puzzle boxes?
Simon Sayce followed closely by the Pyramid Gallery and it’s contributors.

Mark.B. – director at The Labyrinth


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