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The Labyrinth – Hellraiser Site Launched

Here at Disgusting.co we love all things Hellraiser and its been brought to our attention that a new site about all things Hellraiser is now online at http://www.labyrinth-website.com

The Labyrinth - Site Logo

Hellraiser - PinheadFrom their official Facebook Page –
In collaboration with The Pyramid Gallery comes the premier Hellraiser website on the Internet today. Interviews with cast, crew, artists and writers. Brand new material from the Hellraiser universe from some of its greatest writers and co-conspirators, exclusive to The Labyrinth and The Pyramid Gallery. Exclusive video files, artwork and “discovered” artifacts. Online store featuring some amazing merchandise an specials.
Source – Labyrinth Official Facebook

There shall be competitions being held, at the moment there isnt too much information as to what actual content shall be included except that there will be various actors, writers, and special guests from the Hellraiser universe appearing on the website in one way or another, we at disgusting will be keeping a keen eye open for the sites launch!

As mentioned above, The Labyrinth is in collaboration with The Pyramid Gallery  which is another site well worth a viewing that features the intricately designed music box replicas of French architect, artisan and designer Philip LeMarchand.

The Pyramid Gallery

Bellow you will find 2 video promotions uploaded recently to promote the sites launch (the 2nd Starring Nicholas Vince)

The Official Site is http://labyrinth.me.ht/
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