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The Devil Rides Out – Classic Review

Dvil Rides Out - Christopher Lee

This review for “The Devil Rides Out” will be very short.  I will be going into greater detail about this movie and other British horror movies in a separate section at a later date; hopefully it’ll be sometime soon.

The Devil Rides Out - Title ScreenBased on a 1934 novel by Dennis Wheatley and with a script written by Richard Matheson this is in my opinion Hammer’s finest movie.  Released in 1968 its power can still be felt and should be ranked alongside The Wicker Man and Witchfinder General as one of Britain’s greatest horror movies.

The plot tells the story of the Duc de Richeleiu (Sir Christopher Lee) and Rex van Rijn (Leon Greene) investigating and subsequently rescuing their friend Simon Aron (Patrick Mower) from a Satanic cult, headed by the sinister Mocata (Charles Gray who gives an incredible performance) in the south of England during the late 1920’s. 

The direction by Terence Fisher is flawless and it would seem that the stars aligned for this movie.   

How does it look on Blu Ray ?  Hammer have done an amazing job on the remastering and restoration of this classic.  It looks glorious and sounds superb.  Watch it, and remember a time when the best horror movies were being made in Britain

The Devil Rides Out

This Movie was re-titled to “The Devils Bride” uopn its release in the USA

The Devils Bride - Title
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