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The Collector – Review

The CollectorThis is a movie that combines plot elements of your average home invasion with that of torture porn of the likes you can find in the ‘Saw’ franchise.  This isn’t surprising as it is directed by Marcus Dunstan who directed a number of movies in that particular franchise and co-written by Patrick Melton who wrote four of the ‘Saw’ movies. The story itself begins when a couple return from an evening out and find the power out in their home.  Going upstairs they find a box placed in the middle of the room which contains a gruesome surprise for them.

CollectorThe plot then moves to Arkin (Josh Stewart) an ex -con who now works as handyman helping the Chase family move into their new home.  When the work is finished he goes to meet his ex -wife who informs him that several loan sharks after her and that both her and their daughter maybe in danger if she doesn’t pay them by midnight.  He decides to commit one last crime to help her and his daughter out by breaking into the Chase home and robbing their safe.  It is here that things get interesting. He finds that the house has been booby trapped from the inside by a masked psychopath who has already tortured and killed the husband and left his corpse hanging in the basement.  The wife has been tortured and left in a bath whilst the youngest daughter is nowhere to be found.

 Arkin has now got to find a way out without becoming a victim himself as well as find the missing girl who is currently hiding in the house and all this with a psychotic killer who uses various creative ways of disposing of his victims.  A scene that is a particular favourite of mine involves the eldest daughter, her boyfriend and a very impressive death all played out to the song ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ by Bauhaus.   

Collector Banner

I have to admit I enjoyed this quite a lot, it has no pretentions of being other than what it is, a gruesome horror movie with lots of blood and lots of creative ways of spilling it.  Watch it then make sure your doors are locked before you go to bed.

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