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The Collection (2012) – Classic Review

The Collection
This is the 2012 sequel to the 2009 movie ‘The Collector’ again written and directed by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. It stars Emma Fitzpatrick and Josh Stewart reprises his role as Arkin.

The CollectionThe movie picks up not long after the ending of the original and finds us following Elana Peters (Fitzpatrick) to an underground club in which entry is by password only. After a short while the fun begins and the body count starts to rise. The Collector has rigged the club so that the only survivors from a spectacularly bloody and gruesome entry into a movie are Arkin (Stewart) and Elana, who has been taken by the Collector as a kind of trophy, if I told you how Arkin got there it would spoil an important plot twist from both this and the original movie.

The Collection

Whilst recovering from his ordeal in hospital Arkin is approached by Lucello (Lee Tergesen), the private bodyguard of Elena’s wealthy father, who has put together a team of mercenaries to go after her before she is killed. With the promise of having the charges against him dropped Arkin agrees to lead them to the Collector’s hideout by using a series of cuts on his arm which he made at each turn in the road when he was taken by the Collector, this leads them to an abandoned hotel in a desolate part of the town. It is in here that the real blood and gore festival begins. The CollectionThe entire hotel has been booby trapped and this leads to all kinds of imaginative ways of being turned into something that resembles strawberry jam.

So is the movie any good? Well I think so, like the original it tries to walk the line between horror and what has now become known as torture porn and for the most part it succeeds. This is a horror movie that doesn’t pretend to be anything else and as such, like the original, it can be enjoyed on its own terms.

Check out the Collection Trailer

The Collection Poster
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