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Posts Tagged ‘Horror’

The Devil’s Fork – Trailer

On a long drive home from a wedding reception, a couple faces their worst fears when they encounter a strange hitchhiker named Autumn (Tina Krause) and her accomplice, known only as Preacher (Jared Cyr). What ensues is a true road trip from hell!

Splatterhouse – Trailer

A remake of the popular horror game from the late 80’s, the new Splatterhouse follows a college student who has to rescue his girlfriend using a sentient mask that promises all sorts of things…

Undertaker – Zé do Caixão Animação – Coffin Joe Animation

Curta Metragem em animação de Cláudio Ellovitch, baseado no personagem criado por José Mojica Marins. Seleção oficial nos festivais: Riofan, Fantaspoa, MUMIA, Mostra Curta Fantástico e Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre.

Cláudio Ellovitch’s animated short film, based on the character created by José Mojica Marins. Official Selection: Riofan, Fantaspoa, MUMIA, Mostra Curta Fantástico and Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre.

The Conduit Trailer

The trailer for Sega’s latest shooter for the Nintendo Wii, The Conduit.

Triple Dog Trailer

Trailer for upcoming Indie Horror film, Triple Dog