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Posts Tagged ‘FIlms’

Trail of the Screaming Forehead – Trailer

Trailer for the retro-horror spoof Trail of the Screaming Forehead!

After a meteor crashes on an idyllic town, a band of alien foreheads begins a nonstop rampage as they suck the souls of the innocent and turn them into zombies.

Zift – Trailer

Trailer for IFC Films’ Zift, about a man freed after a wrongful murder conviction enters a noirish, diabolical city full of decaying neighborhoods, gloomy streets and bizarre characters.

Nightmare -Trailer

A chilling horror film about two film students who share a one night stand and discover a videotape the next morning showing them committing a series of brutal murders.

Left Bank – Trailer

A chilling thriller about a woman who, upon moving in with her new boyfriend, becomes obsessed with the fate of the previous tenant.

Sauna – Trailer

Trailer for Antti-Jussi Annila’s latest horror film, Sauna, which has been called “a major thinkpiece on the nature of sin and guilt and how both can simply swallow you whole.”