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Posts Tagged ‘Christopher Lee’

The Wicker Man (1973) – Classic Review

The Wicker Man


“You’ll simply never understand the true nature of sacrifice”. Portentous words spoken to Edward Woodward’s character in the greatest horror movie to ever come out of Britain and possibly the finest of all British cinema. In 1967 the novel “Ritual” by David Pinner was published. Originally meant as film treatment for Michael Winner, who had envisioned John Hurt as the main protagonist. However Winner thought that the project was “too full of imagery” so Pinner’s agent, Jonathan Clowes, fearful that Winner might sit on the project for a long time convinced Pinner to expand the story into a novel.

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Dracula (1958) – Classic Review

Dracula HeaderThis is possibly one of the finest adaptations of Bram Stoker’s novel ever to have been put on celluloid.  Although the story veer’s widely from the source material the atmosphere, the filming and acting are nothing short of perfect.  Filmed in 1957 on a budget of £81,000 by Hammer it was released the following year to general critical acclaim and broke box office records when released in the U.S as ‘Horror of Dracula’ (to avoid confusion with universal’s 1931 production).

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Horror Express (1972) – Classic Review

Horror Express - Wide 1Whilst scanning through the numerous channels on a Roku earlier today i noticed a gem of a movie that for the last 25 years  forgot even existed.  As a child i watched “Horror Express” one late christmas night and remember being absolutely terrified.

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The Devil Rides Out – Classic Review

Dvil Rides Out - Christopher Lee

This review for “The Devil Rides Out” will be very short.  I will be going into greater detail about this movie and other British horror movies in a separate section at a later date; hopefully it’ll be sometime soon.

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The Devil Rides Out Trailer

The Devil Rides Out

The Devil Rides out is a classic British Horror movie based on the 1934 novel by Dennis Wheatley.   The movie was released in 1968 and was titled The Devils Bride upon its release in the United States.

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