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The Conjuring – Horror Review

Conjuring Wide
First let me say, my first review was going to be Sleepaway Camp, but words cannot describe how truely terrible that movie is. So heres one for a very good, nerve tingling, creepy movie – The Conjuring.

The Conjuring Poster 2The coungering starts with a couple Ed (Patrick Wilson, Insidious and Prometheus) and Lorraine (Vera Farmiga, Source Code and Orphan) Warren, yes you may remember, that these two were responsible for the investigations in Amityville. So basically this haunting story is based on true events. Make of this what you will, as we know Amitiville was proven a hoax. So Ed and Lorraine are giving a lecture at a university, about thier investigation into a possesed doll, yes that right doll, nothing more creepier than a doll all clown, in my opinion. So its a couple of college girls, nurses if i remember correctly, and without giving to much away, this doll. Flip to a family named the Perrons moving into a old farmhouse, nice peacefull setting, thier children and Sadie the pet dog. First to happen, as in all haunting films, the dog notices something not quite right. During the moving in, April (Kyla Deaver) the youngest girl finds a music box, that when wound plays a tune. Next scene.The girls are playing hide and clap, a game kids play, during this game they uncover an old basement, that was hidden and boarded. Roger Perron (Ron Livingston) the father goes to investigate, and finds a piano and some old furniture. But its what they dont see that becomes the problem. The morning after, Caroline (Lily Taylor, The Haunting and TV Series Hemlock Grove) awakes nothing seems unusual, the eldest mentions a rotten smell, but this is dismissed by Caroline. Roger’s in the basement, checking out the junk. Caroline goes to make coffee, April is heard calling sadie. This is the first incident in a line of many. Without going into much more detail, revealing plot lines etc, i thought it best to leave a whole chunk out, and skip forward to, Caroline at the lecture by Ed and Lorraine. This is the point where Lorraine asks for help, she explains the situation, and they agree to look into matters. Then the two stories intermingle a little, Lorraines experience during an excorism. Some unusual circumstances happen during the visit, Lorraine notices something isnt quite right. They agree to set up surveillance, and try and capture some of the activity in order to notify the church, for excorsism of the house. More aggressive situations start to occur, the pulling of one girls feet. To dark corners and shadows. All in all this movie although not perfect, but can we ever achieve horror such as The Wickerman ever again, is a good little frightener. 4 out of 5 for me. Go see it – Review by Craig Douglas for Disgusting.co

Check out the Trailer for The Conjuring below

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