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Rec 4 – Review by Geoff

rec4 top
It’s not very often that a sequel is as good or better than the first film, Rec 2 totally blew this theory out of the water with a blinding follow up to an already superb first film, if you haven’t ventured in to european horror (shame on you) this is a perfect starting point before you get to the gore fests and absolute sickness that are Martyrs, Inside and A Serbian Film. As I’m sure you have already spotted I’ve kind of missed something out here……Rec 3, without going too far in to it………it was an utter embarrassment to the first two and I refuse to mention it any further, oh and if you think Quarantine (the re-make of Rec) was the better film you best get running because I’m coming for you and you ain’t getting out alive!

Bringing together characters from the other Rec films, Rec 4 promises to give the answers to what is making the victims of the contagion turn in to blood crazed murderous zombies. Re united with Angela (Manuela Valesco) from the earlier Rec films aboard a ship at sea and the few other survivors of the outbreak you know it won’t be long before there’s tendon ripping blood splattering a plenty!

REC 4 ApocalypseThe first two film’s I found not just full of gore but plenty of jump’s and that “for god sake don’t open the door” feeling that they did so well, unfortunately I think they fell a bit flat of that in this outing, it just didn’t seem to be able to re create the feeling the first two have, don’t get me wrong here, this isn’t a bad film and as a stand alone film would put a lot of others to shame and is a long way better than the third film that for want of a better phrase was just pants, I’m getting the feeling that they ran out of idea’s after Rec 2 and should have left it at that, leaving me with fond memories of edge of the seat scare’s and wanting to shout “just run!!!”.

I really wanted to love this film after the last disappointment and was looking forward to a good franchise getting back on track and ending on a high. If you haven’t seen the other films watch the first two and call it a day or just watch this one and pretend there are no other’s and your on to a winner.

There’s plenty of gore and chasing down corridor’s to keep you entertained, oh and zombie monkey’s which was the highlight of the film for me so it’s not a total failure, don’t take my word for it, give it a watch and if you think differently tell me so I can come round and tell you your wrong.

I’m giving this a 6 desecrated graves out of 10 just for the gore and monkeys!
Sorry 🙁

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