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Phantasm V – is now a reality – Ravager

Phantasm 5
Great news for fans of the Phantasm franchise, according to Aint It Cool News the fifth instalment entitled Ravager has already been made and there is also a poster available (see below)

At the moment a release date isn’t listed but this news has already excited me enough to dig out my Sphere box set and refresh my Phantasm historic memory.

Will Phantasm:V be a continuation of the story, the ending of 4 was just too open ended and i doubt there’s much of the original unused film footage left to make flashback cut scenes (even though it did take 2 years to film)!

Will we learn why Jebodiah Morningsides wife is seen unaged throughout different times over hundreds of years?

Will we see more boobie spheres? sorry but the scene in IV in unforgettable horror comedy!

Will we see another female tall man alter ego! Will it have Reg and Mike, more importantly will it have Scrimm as the tall man!

Check out the Phantasm V : RaVger poster below

Phantasm Five Ravager
Source – AICN

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