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Help Penn Jillette be the bad guy

Directors cut - penn
An interesting project that i stumbled across on the tinterweb this week drew me in with the title “Help make Penn Jillette be the bad guy”. This actually appeared on my Facebook as i am a follower of the great Magic duo Penn and Teller.

What i saw shocked and amazed me, i was confronted with a video pledge at http://fundanything.com/penn featuring Penn about a project that he and director Adam Rifkin are running to get public funding via FundAnything.com to complete.

Now this is 2 worlds from my Interests coming together (I actually run an online magic store World Of Magic and this disgusting Co horror blog) so i just have to spread the word and help get this promising project as much funding as possible!

Penn Jillette
“I want to be a bad guy in my next movie. I want to be a monster. I want to be the nightmare. That’s my goal. It would be a sexier goal, I suppose, if I started out as a really good guy, but I’ve never been hero material. At 6’7″ and north of 300 pounds, I don’t look like a good guy. No one cheers for Goliath. I did a show called “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!” where the closest we had to a catchphrase was “Then there’s THIS asshole.” That’s not something a good guy says. But recently on a bunch of TV “reality” shows I’ve tried to be nice and polite. I’m a dad. I’m a husband. I should be nice and polite. But, who gives a flying fuck about nice and polite in movies? Nice is not exciting. Polite is for douches. I want to be an evil fuck in my next movie, and my next movie is “Director’s Cut.”” – Huffington Post

There are some great rewards for backers of this project including the following –
  • Your name in the credits of the movie
  • Appear on the Soundtrack (obviously a great reward for musicians)
  • Blu Ray, Posters, Red carpet Screening, T-shirts
  • Be Followed by Penn on Twitter for a whole year!
  • Answer phone message recorded by Penn
  • VIP Penn and Teller Las Vegas Weekend
  • VIP Penn and Teller Las Vegas Weekend and Private Backstage Magic Lesson!
  • Be a Guest Star on “Sunday School”
  • Be a Cop or a Corpse in the movie
The list goes on….. And all of the above are not ridiculously priced like other movie pledge projects :)!

Directors Cut

This Project NEEDS to go ahead so get backing people! Spread the word! MAKE PENN BAD!! Click Here

Directors Cut Poster
Images / Pledge Source – FundAnything.com
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