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Night Of The Lepus (1972) – Classic Review

Night Of The Lepus WideI tried long and hard to avoid this movie (Night of the Lepus), but it was inevitable that at some point I had to face it.  Here we have a movie so bad that not even the casting of Janet Leigh could save it.  In fact this is the movie that essentially destroyed her movie career.  Yes it’s that bad.

Night Of The Lepus - Janet LeighSo what is the plot of this most awful of movies?  Well its simple, a small Arizona town is besieged by giant, mutant, carnivorous rabbits.  Yep that’s right, giant killer rabbits on the loose and are coming after your children.  Based on the novel ‘The Year of the Angry Rabbit’ and released by MGM in 1972 I can only assume that the movie executives who gave this the green light were high on some sort of narcotic at the time.  Other notable names that ended their careers in this travesty include Rory Calhoun and Stuart Whitman.  The only survivor seems to be DeForest Kelley who reprised his role as chief surgeon aboard the Starship Enterprise a few years later.

I do however recommend that you watch this movie at least once, just so you know that I am not making it up and that this movie does actually exist and is not a product of some bizarre dream I may have had.  The fun in watching this movie lies in seeing the expression on the faces of the actors involved as they try to deliver in all seriousness some of the most ludicrous dialogue you will ever hear and make sense of a nonsensical script.  

‘Watership Down’ this ain’t, however it’s a fun movie, if watched drunk and feel the need to punish your friends.  Enjoy, and don’t say you were never warned.

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