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MEGA SHARK 3 Fan Contest – Become a Victim

Mega Shark 3
As you may already be aware the Mega Shark Franchise is about to get a new addition entitled Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark. Starting Filming next month in L.A. and the guys behind its inception are offering a chance to win a “walk in part” in the movie, well i saw walk in part i mean… offering you a part getting killed in the film!

From the Asylum Site
If you love our shark movies, MEGA SHARK VS. MECHA SHARK, the third installment in the MEGA SHARK series, begins filming next month. Until then, we’re on the hunt for the craziest, most extreme, and all-around biggest Megafan to live the dream: if you can prove that you’re the most devoted MEGA SHARK fan around, we’ll fly you to our set, put you up for two nights, and feature you getting killed by Mega Shark in the film!

That’s right, prove your fan mettle and win a walk-on role in the upcoming film, complete with a death scene. You’ll also get to meet the stars, see the studio, pick up some Asylum swag, and have an all-around great time here in L.A.

Head on over to the Asylum site (here) for the full official rules of the Mega Shark 3 Competition, the contest is running till he 30th July so be quick!

mega shark versus gant octopus

mega shark versus crocosaurus

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