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Killer Schoolgirls from Outer Space

Killer Schoolgirls from Outer SpaceWhilst trolling the internet this morning and checking out a few Twitter feeds i came across a curiously titled gem known simply as “Killer Schoolgirls from Outer Space”, As you can imagine i was intrigued as to see what this was all about (pretty self explanitory from the title, but alas i decided further investigation was required)

To my surpise i was instantly faced with a trailer of such b-movie magnitude i simply had to find the movie for an upcoming Smigglesworth movie night!

Official Plot outline (from Killer Schoolgirls from Outer Space Facebook Page) – Killer School Girls from Outerspace
When a shooting star lands in Small Town USA, a teenage couple, Ben and Allison, decide to check it out. They quickly discover their shooting star is actually a flying saucer piloted by three Killer School Girls from outer space on a mission to destroy the earth! Can Ben and Allison save their small town from total disaster, or will the Killer School Girls destroy their home along with the rest of the planet? Find out in this edge-of-your-seat thriller, KILLER SCHOOL GIRLS FROM OUTER SPACE !

Killer Schoolgirls from Outer Space - Ron JeremyFrom Angry Nun Productions this movie stars Donny Boaz, Julin, Derek Lee Nixon, Denise Williamson, Jordan Brower, Jenny Zhang, Kaci Flores, Clem Beard and non other than Ron Jeremy!

Killer Schoolgirls from Outer Space - Pack This movie can be ordered directly from their website killerschoolgirls.com, and at the time of writing page its priced at $9.95 which includes a 2 disc set PLUS a signed poster!… i shall be placing my order shortly and will look forward to reviewing this movie!

‘Killer Schoolgirls from Outer Space’ trailer!



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