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Human Centipede 3 – Filming Has Begun

human centipede 3 flag 650

Filming has apparently begun on Tom Six’s third Human Centipede movie this month in Los Angeles

Not much is known about the third installment just yet except that the psychotic doctor from the first (Actor Dieter Laser) is set to return. Also, it is entitled THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE III (FINAL SEQUENCE) and some unnoficial taglines are stating “America. 500 people. 100% politically incorrect.”

A short casting list can be seen on the IMDB here which lists Robert LaSardo, Laurence R. Harvey, Dieter Laser and Tom Six as starring.

If you are a follower of Toms twitter (@tom_six) you will have noticed that he has been asking people to submit their pictures and reasons why they should be in the movie amd 10 lucky people will win parts in the film!

Have you seen the first 2 movies? let us know what you thought below!

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