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Horror Express (1972) – Classic Review

Horror Express - Wide 1Whilst scanning through the numerous channels on a Roku earlier today i noticed a gem of a movie that for the last 25 years  forgot even existed.  As a child i watched “Horror Express” one late christmas night and remember being absolutely terrified.

Christopher Lee - Horror ExpressSo after seeing the title in the channel list i decided to spend an extra couple of hours in bed and watch it.  Im so glad i did, this classic movie starring the greats of classic horror “Peter Cushing” and “Christopher Lee” as well as “Telly Savalas” turned out to be a refreshingly great alternative to the dull idiotic british daytime television that drones our screens.

Peter Cushing - Horror ExpressPlot Outline :-
In China in the early 1900s, anthropologist Alexander Saxton (Christopher Lee) unearths the scientific find of the new century,  the centuries old frozen body of a gigantic ape like man, a veritable missing link.

Aiming to bring the monster back to Europe, Saxton loads the creature on the opulent Trans-Siberian Express.  On board are an international group of passengers including Saxton’s intrigued rival anthropologist Dr Wells (Peter Cushing) – all about to get the shock of their lives as the monster thaws in its crate and sets about the passengers one by one sucking the intelligence out his victim’s brains through their eyes – turning them into zombies.Together Saxton, Wells and crazy Cossack Captain Kazan (Telly Savalas) must face the zombified passengers and destroy the monster – before they too come eye to eye with the terrifying creature.

This movie wasnt quite as scary as i remembered from my childhood viewing but was still great.  Basically, this film plays out like a train bound version of “the thing”, eventually culminating in Lee Versus a small army of  Zombie Style Cossacks!  A true Horror Classic!!

Horror Express - Wide 2

Definately a great classic worthy of a viewing again!

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