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Hellraiser Origins Goes Live

hellraiser origins
The buzz about Hellraiser Origins has been escalating for some time, with teaser posters and countdown virals hitting the web all pointing towards the big reveal on the 31st October 2013

Well, today that day arrived and the site HellraiserOrigins.com finally went live. But what was the big reveal….. a stunning looking teaser trailer for the re-imaging of the hellraiser franchise.

From the official Hellraiser Origins FB page
We are very proud to now present Hellraiser Origins to you all. In order for our vision to be taken to the next stage the teaser must be seen by at least 1 million people !. So please share, blog, talk about this as much as you can. Lets make this happen.

HRO is neither a remake or a reboot , its a rebirth. At its heart is fans coming together and saying no, we have had enough of poor sequels and lazy filmmaking for profit. We all know the state the franchise was in before all the HR PR started a year or so ago, its been given new life of late. We opened the imagination floodgates and propose a Hellraiser world that is unlike any other. It is a homage to the great classic, yet expands and explores new worlds, new sensations. At the core of this project and the teaser is a re-imagining of the High Priest himself. A visual representation of the themes proposed in the possible movie. Explore the new vision, understand the movie!. A grand esoteric dark epic. Too much for a studio to handle, perhaps, only time will tell. One thing is for sure, the future of Hellraiser has never been more delightfully gleaming. There is room in this world for many a dark tale yet.

hellraiser origins poster

hellraiser origins poster

hellraiser origins poster

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