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Interview – Head Hunter Store

HeadHunter Store Header
If you are a horror movie memorabilia collector then you simply must check out the HeadHunterStore.com

Based in Helsinki, Finland HeadHunterStore.com offers a selection of hand-finished statues of movie, game and comic icons. You can buy them as you see them from their website, or you can custom order your own statue with your choice of pose, colours etc.

Friend of Disgusting.co “Mark Buckle” of labyrinth managed to get an interview with the owner of Headhunter Store for us (see below)

1. When did you start headhunter? HEAD HUNTER STORE begun in Jan of 2011 … in my spare room painting statues for fun! I had another business at that time, part of which I used to try the concept out. And it was soon the best selling section of the whole business… so it became clear, fast what I should then do.

Head Hunter Jason

2. What can people expect to find at the store? The store has a WIDE selection of vintage and modern toys and collectables, as well as props from sci-fi and horror movie as well as games. There also 1:1 versions of a Stormtrooper , Jason Voorhees and Batman amongst others. New items and works are added daily so there is ALWAYS something new to see.

3. You have some very nice sculptures and busts coming soon, could you tell us something about them? The busts line is something I’ve been working on for about 6 months.. Anna from Sweden is the elad sculptor for the project, and Ill handle paint from here. The first set will be the four main Cenobites from HELLRAISER. We have BIG plan for thi project!!

headhunter store death

4. Any plans to expand internationally? Yes I have had thoughts about a display in stores oversees. Some plans are in the work for that also.. but there are only so many days in the week.

5. Are there any plans for more cosplay costumes and tell us about judge death? There are!!! Indeed if someone wants a cosplay costume building or a suit for Halloween etc…then that’s what we do!! Judge death was a HIGH END build for a private customer in Sweden. There has been a lot of interest from others wishing to buy a version of that suit.

headhunter store greamlin

6. How long have you been painting the models etc and can you let us in on some of your techniques? I have been modelling and painting since I was 7. I use a lot of airbrushing in my work… but i’m not afraid to get a paintbrush, sponge or fingers onto pieces to get the look I want.

7. How are you finding the convention scene? It’s been HUGE for me!! It the biggest source of my yearly income and its where I meet 90% of all new clients. I’ve been steadily adding shows to the year’s schedule and some have left it.. for various reasons. But in general it is a GROWING concern for HHS.

headhunter hulk

8. What plans for headhunter in the future? Id like to have a YouTube video that shows what I do. I’m also planning some new location to have HHS displays in them here in Finland. I guess the best thing I can do is b ready for clients, be professional, and do great work, at a great price. Welcome, to HEAD HUNTER STORE!!!

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