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Evil Dead 4 Script in the Works?

Evil Dead PosterWith the Evil Dead remake hitting theaters this April some exciting news has started circulating the web, that news is that Sam Raimi has stated that he is planning to work on an actual “EVIL DEAD 4” script this summer!

Whilst doing press promotions for his latest release “Oz the Great and Powerful”, Sam stated the following –

“I Would Love to Make Evil Dead 4. My Brother (Ivan Raimi) and i plan to work on the script this Summer.”

Ivan collaborated with Sam on Drag me to Hell, Army of Darkness and Darkman.

I do hope that the script does become a reality but i have fears that Evil Dead 4 may become the next Ghostbusters 3  i.e Constantly being rumoured to be going ahead year after year with no real outcome.

Will Bruce be back!

Will Ash be weilding his Boomstick once more against the Deadites? 

Will it be set in the Future or in the present (based on the 2 different endings in the army of darkness)

Evil Dead 2 PosterEvil Dead 3 - Army of Darkness Poster

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