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Devil Baby Terrorizes New York

Devil Baby

Check out the latest hillarious viral scare prank which sees an anamatronic demonic looking baby terrorize innocent New York residents.

This latest prank is part of a publicity drive for the Upcoming horror “Devils Due” due in theaters on the 16th and 17th Jan 2014

After a mysterious, lost night on their honeymoon, a newlywed couple finds themselves dealing with an earlier-than-planned pregnancy. While recording everything for posterity, the husband begins to notice odd behavior in his wife that they initially write off to nerves, but, as the months pass, it becomes evident that the dark changes to her body and mind have a much more sinister origin.

Devils Due is Directed By Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Written by Lindsay Devlin and Stars Allison Miller, Zach Gilford and Sam Anderson

An animatronic “devil baby” in a remote controlled stroller goes on a rampage through the streets of New York City and hidden cameras record people’s reactions.

Devils Due Poster

The Labyrinth interviews – Mark B Director at the labyrinth

The Labyrinth

How did you become keeper of the Labyrinth?
I saw that the majority of the existing Hellraiser sites were quite amateur looking, mostly made on the old Angelfire and Geocities servers and were very outdated. I absolutely love the Hellraiser world and thought I would start off a website in my spare time that would be pleasurable for likeminded fans to visit.

Why Hellraiser and not one of the other top icon movie franchises?
It’s my favourite and something I

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Hellraiser Origins Goes Live

hellraiser origins
The buzz about Hellraiser Origins has been escalating for some time, with teaser posters and countdown virals hitting the web all pointing towards the big reveal on the 31st October 2013

Well, today that day arrived and the site HellraiserOrigins.com finally went live. But what was the big reveal….. a stunning looking teaser trailer for the re-imaging of the hellraiser franchise.

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Help Penn Jillette be the bad guy

Directors cut - penn
An interesting project that i stumbled across on the tinterweb this week drew me in with the title “Help make Penn Jillette be the bad guy”. This actually appeared on my Facebook as i am a follower of the great Magic duo Penn and Teller.

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Interview – Head Hunter Store

HeadHunter Store Header
If you are a horror movie memorabilia collector then you simply must check out the HeadHunterStore.com

Based in Helsinki, Finland HeadHunterStore.com offers a selection of hand-finished statues of movie, game and comic icons. You can buy them as you see them from their website, or you can custom order your own statue with your choice of pose, colours etc.

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