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Category: Reviews

The Collector – Review

The CollectorThis is a movie that combines plot elements of your average home invasion with that of torture porn of the likes you can find in the ‘Saw’ franchise.  This isn’t surprising as it is directed by Marcus Dunstan who directed a number of movies in that particular franchise and co-written by Patrick Melton who wrote four of the ‘Saw’ movies. The story itself begins when a couple return from an evening out and find the power out in their home.  Going upstairs they find a box placed in the middle of the room which contains a gruesome surprise for them.

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Horror Express (1972) – Classic Review

Horror Express - Wide 1Whilst scanning through the numerous channels on a Roku earlier today i noticed a gem of a movie that for the last 25 years  forgot even existed.  As a child i watched “Horror Express” one late christmas night and remember being absolutely terrified.

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The Devil Rides Out – Classic Review

Dvil Rides Out - Christopher Lee

This review for “The Devil Rides Out” will be very short.  I will be going into greater detail about this movie and other British horror movies in a separate section at a later date; hopefully it’ll be sometime soon.

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Blood On Satans Claw – Review

Blood on Satans Claw

Well what can be said of this movie?  This 1970 film, released by Tigon British Film Productions, directed by Piers Haggard and written by Robert Wynne-Simmons, is a classic of the sub-genre of folk horror. What is folk horror I hear you ask?  Well it was short lived genre in which the stories took their themes from folklore and paganism.  Other movies from this period that fall into the folk horror category are ‘Witchfinder General’ and ‘The Wicker Man’.

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