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Category: News

I Frankenstein, Good, Evil and Immortal Posters

i frankenstein wide

Three new posters for Stuart Beattie’s “I, Frankenstein” have been released in anticipation of the movies upcoming Comic-Con panel.

Based on the Graphic Novel by Kevin Grievous, the story of I Frankenstein sees Dr Frankensteins creation (played by Aaron Eckhart) in te middle of a battle between Gargoyles and Demons!

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Zombie Hunter is Coming!

Zombie Hunter - ChainsawIt is official, Zombie Hunter has finally finished production and will soon be making its premier at the one and only FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL!

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The Returned – French Zombie Thriller is Coming

The ReturnedIt looks like the French supernatural thriller “The Returned”, based on the 2004 French movie Les Revenents , is now set to be coming to the UK in early June and will be Channel 4’s first subtitled drama in 20 years!

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The Conjuring – New Poster and Updated Release Date

Conjuring Wide

Check out the new posters for James Wans “The Conjuring”, Based on a true story and due to hit cinemas on August the 2nd.

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Human Centipede 3 – Filming Has Begun

human centipede 3 flag 650

Filming has apparently begun on Tom Six’s third Human Centipede movie this month in Los Angeles

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