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Category: News

Clive Barker to Script the Hellraiser Remake


Exciting news on the Hellraiser front broke tonight from Clive Barker himself. At around midnight (UK Time) Clive posted on his official facebook that he had been in meetings with Bob Weinstein of Dimension Pictures regarding remaking the original Hellraiser and to make it even darker!

The outcome of these meetings resulted in the exciting news that it looks like Clive has been officially invited to write the script and to add to this great news Doug Bradley looks set to be in line to reprise his Pinhead roll!

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Bunnyman 2 – Too young to die, Nope! (Its Just a Movie)

bunnyman 2
Well, after last years Smigglesworth surprise movie night hit “Bunnyman”, we have been eagerly awaiting the release of Bunnyman 2, and now it looks like that time is near…. from the official facebook bunnyman 2 page Here

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Fear Clinic The Movie Needs Your Help

fear clinic movie banner
The creators of the popular Web Series known as Fear Clinic (Viewed by over 5 million viewers) have decided to create Fear Clinic the Movie and currently have a campaign over at Indiegogo to ask for support and backing!

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MEGA SHARK 3 Fan Contest – Become a Victim

Mega Shark 3
As you may already be aware the Mega Shark Franchise is about to get a new addition entitled Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark. Starting Filming next month in L.A. and the guys behind its inception are offering a chance to win a “walk in part” in the movie, well i saw walk in part i mean… offering you a part getting killed in the film!

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Crawl Bitch Crawl – Claustraphobic Horror at its best

Crawl Bitch Crawl
Check out the official trailer for the independant horror movie “Crawl Bitch Crawl”, a claustraphobic sci/fi horror directed by Oklahoma Ward and starring Nicole Alonso, Torey Byrne, Tom Chamberlain, David P. Baker, Wil Crown, Tommy Ball and Clayton Burgess

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