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Category: Movie

No One Lives – International Trailer Released

No One Lives Wide
Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura (“Midnight Meat Train,” “Versus”), No One Lives is a Horror Movie that tells the story of  a gang of ruthless highway killers who kidnap a wealthy couple traveling cross country only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem.

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The Purge – Home Invasion with a Twist

The PurgeReleased recently is the new trailer for the Upcoming Home Invasion Move “The Purge”.

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The Mulbury Project, SciFi Horror Movie / Comic

The Mulbury Project
Personally I love a bit of horror and do like a bit of Sci-Fi but whilst checking out a few trailers this morning I was made aware of “The Mublury Project”, after viewing the trailer I was in awe, it is what I would describe as an Alien / Zombie movie

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Win A Part in Rob Zombies Next Movie

Rob Zombies - Lords of Salem BannerFans of Rob Zombie have now been given a great opportunity to actually win a walk on part in Rob Zombies next film!

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Escape From New York Remake Trilogy

Escape From New York - RemakeIt would appear that the 1981 hit Escape From New York is finally to be re-made (or rebooted). Originally New Line Cinema were penned to remake the futuristic Manhattan prison movie after they obtained the rights back in 2007 and planned to have Gerard Butler taking over the role of Snake Plisskin (originally played by Kurt Russell) however nothing seemed to have come of it.

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