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As Above So Below Review

As Above, So Below
Now before i go any further its best i make this clear, as far as i’m concerned the idea of making  film’s in the style of found footage or hand held is a dead horse that some people just can’t help but keep flogging, for the sake of all that is unholy………. stop it!….or do it better!

Perdita WeeksNow to the film, it  centers on Scarlett  played by Perdita Weeks, Scarlett’s father died while searching for the philosopher’s stone, the legendary alchemical substance said to be capable of turning base metals such as lead into gold and (in this film anyway) healing injuries. For the first twenty minutes or so we have the main character discovering the secrets to the whereabouts of the stone which is very reminiscent of the likes of the Da Vinci code and to an extent the Tomb Raider films, with the help of the new found discoveries Scarlett quickly figures out that the location is hidden beneath Paris in its sprawling catacombs.

With the help of  her trusty friend George ( Ben Feldman) and her cameraman Benji (Edwin Hodge)  Scarlett meets up with locals and off they descend in to the catacombs where things quickly start to take a turn for the worse, from bizarre rituals to old lost friends appearing after years missing (which for me would be a bit more questioned) it just gets worse for the group and the claustrophobia soon starts to set in but doesn’t quite seem to hold up to the likes of The Descent for atmospherics or that feeling of being closed in to somewhere with no way out.

As Above, So BelowVisually the film is what you expect from the found footage genre but being set in such a dark setting sometimes there can be a little too many of the quick flashes of imagery to actually see what is going on and it can become a bit too often to really care at points, as the film goes on it becomes apparent our group have stumbled through the gates of hell itself  and member’s of the group are submitted to his or her own personal demons and through various means they are picked off .

The idea for a really good film is plastered all over this but for some reason it just doesn’t quite deliver where it could, its not a bad film by any means but it could go further and instead seems to play it safe a bit too often which is a bit of a shame as i do like large parts of this film especially the scene of the remaining members of the groups exit from the catacombs. 

On the whole its not a disappointing film at all and you wont feel like you’ve wasted an hour and half of your time by watching it but the scare’s aren’t really there enough for me but maybe i’m just never pleased, its worth a watch, as long as your not expecting too many shocks or blood you wont be dissapointed!

As Above So Below Official Red Band Trailer (2014) – Ben Feldman Horror Movie HD by ViralToday

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