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100 Days Of Death – Graphic Novel

100 Days of Death
At Disgusting.co we are constantly on the lookout for interesting projects and one place we frequent is Kickstarter.com.

Todays Find is a project known as 100 Days of Death – The Graphic Novel. This project is for funding of the comic adaptation by Tommy Castillo of the Zombie Novel “100 Days of Death by Ray Ellingsen”

After a virus has swept across the planet destroying humanity in just a few short months a lone man finds himself as the head of a missfit surrogate family.

This story has been equated as “Die Hard” meets “The Outlaw Josey Wales” and set in the world of “Night of the Living Dead” by famed artist Tommy Castillo

By funding on this kickstarter project you can get such rewards as “Downloadable versions of the Novel, Graphic Novel and Film Script”, “Screensavers”, “Artwork”,  “Skype sessions with Author Ray Ellingsen”,”Credit in the novel” plus much much more!

Head over to the official “100 Days of Death” project page by clicking here!

100 Days of Death Book - Cover

It also transpires that the story of  “1oo days of death” is being made into a Movie and is currently in pre-production and is due to start filming in early 2013, also in the works are phone apps and a video game.

Below is a little peek at some of the preliminary artwork by Tommy Castillo for the Graphic Novel.

100 days of death graphics

100 days of death grlaphic nove

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