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Drew: The Man Behind the Poster – Exclusive Clip

You may not be readily aware of it, but it is very likely that Drew Struzan is an artist whose work you are intimately familiar with, as his portfolio contains some of the most iconic album and movie posters of all time. Drew: The Man Behind the Poster is told by some of the most respected artists, actors and filmmakers about this unknown’s journey and craft in creating some of the most well-known works throughout the world.

From his modest beginnings through today, the film tracks the life and unique career of Drew, whose work and signature style are deeply appreciated by some of the biggest names in Hollywood including George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, Jim Henson, Frank Darabont and Guillermo del Toro. Fellow artists such as Ken Black, Roger Kastel, Tim Bradstreet and Greg Hildebrant respect his mastery of the craft and ability to organically combine multiple techniques and produce human likenesses that are second to none. The Star Wars, Back to the Future, Muppet, and Indiana Jones films are just a few of his stand-out creations.

Overcoming a myriad of obstacles, the artist continues to create, in hope of finding meaning and personal fulfillment in a life and career that, like any other, is filled with numerous peaks and valleys. And through this tale the audience can discover why Drew Struzan may in fact be one of the most recognizable and influential artists of our time.