• Zombieworld

    Check out the trailer and some clips of the Zombie Horror Anthology Read More +
  • Wyrmwood

    Check out the Trailer and Review for Wyrmwood - Road of the Dead! Read More +
  • Phantasm 5 - Ravager

    Finally the latest Phantasm is almost with us, check out the poster Read More +
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Category: News

Zombieworld – The End is Near (HERE!) – Trailer and Clips


Only a few days left now until Zombieworld is officially released and we at Disgusting.co cannot wait!
Zombieworld is a film anthology featuring blood, guts, and mayhem and each story is brought to life by a group of exciting new directors from across the globe.

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Phantasm V – is now a reality – Ravager

Phantasm 5
Great news for fans of the Phantasm franchise, according to Aint It Cool News the fifth instalment entitled Ravager has already been made and there is also a poster available (see below)

At the moment a release date isn’t listed but this news has already excited me enough to dig out my Sphere box set and refresh my Phantasm historic memory.

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Crawl or Die (AKA Crawl Bitch Crawl) latest news

Crawl Bitch Crawl

Oklahoma Ward and Nicole Alonso both carried out a Google Hangout on the 29th Jan which revealed some more interesting information regarding the Claustraphobic Horror SciFi Thriller movies future!

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Stephen Kings The Mist is coming to TV

The Mist Banner

Fans of Stephen King will rejoice with the news that there is to be a 10 part television adaption of The Mist.

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Clive Barker to Script the Hellraiser Remake


Exciting news on the Hellraiser front broke tonight from Clive Barker himself. At around midnight (UK Time) Clive posted on his official facebook that he had been in meetings with Bob Weinstein of Dimension Pictures regarding remaking the original Hellraiser and to make it even darker!

The outcome of these meetings resulted in the exciting news that it looks like Clive has been officially invited to write the script and to add to this great news Doug Bradley looks set to be in line to reprise his Pinhead roll!

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